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Fallen Angels

Candace, the disco dancing tech genius, Lily, the chaste, sober hippie, and Yu-Ri, the southern belle from South Korea, are aspiring models turned thieves in this comic series.

If you're new to Chuck's Devils, here are some ways you can familiarize yourself:

I hope you'll enjoy Chuck's Devils. Please let me know what you think!


July 22nd, 2024:
Candace engages in a little role playing with her boyfriend Tyler in Minisode 41: Mazes & Monsters!

June 14th, 2024:
While sunbathing, the Mini-Devils' tops are taken by the local wildlife in Minisode 40: Bikini Bandits!

July 7th, 2024:
Tyler is introduced to Rose and receives a gritty greeting in Minisode 39: Sand Sandwich!

June 30th, 2024:
Yu-Ri and Lily challenge Candace and Tyler to build the best sandcastle in Minisode 38: Castle Aaargh!

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