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Fallen Angels

Candace, the disco dancing tech genius, Lily, the chaste, sober hippie, and Yu-Ri, the southern belle from South Korea, are aspiring models turned thieves in this comic series.

You can start reading from the beginning, check out summaries of every episode, and learn more about the Devils.

My plan is to produce a total of 48 episodes, divided into four parts. Each episode will be seven to ten pages long. If there's enough interest, I may be able to create new episodes more frequently.

I hope you'll enjoy Chuck's Devils. Please let me know what you think!


December 20th, 2022:
Sorry there hasn't been a new episode for a while. After working on the comic for four years straight, I've been feeling a little burned out. However, I had an idea that might help hold you over between episodes.

Introducing Chuck's Mini-Devils! These will be quick, non-canon pages that will focus more on comedy than drama. Since each comic will be shorter, they'll star smaller, chibi versions of Candace, Yu-Ri, and Lily.

The first minisode is a special holiday comic called Merry Kissmas. I hope you'll like them!

I also added a few secret photos to the Get to Know Chuck's Devils page. Click the polaroids to see them!