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  Meet the Devils

Disco my have died a long time ago, but don't tell that to Candace. With her sequined bell bottoms, hot pink shades, and gold medallion, this disco queen is a dancing machine!

Of course, Candace's most distinctive feature is her massive afro. Perhaps she needs all of that hair to cover her big brain. Candace is a whiz when it comes to electronics, whether she's building gadgets or hacking computers.

A hippie with a heart as huge as her... ponytail, Lily is all about peace and love. Unfortunately, there's not much of either going around these days.

Lily has been excommunicated from hippie communes due to her virtuous lifestyle. She just says no to drugs, and is saving herself for marriage. Despite the increasingly hostile world around her, Lily always radiates positivity... unless you call her stupid.

Born in South Korea, Yu-Ri moved to the American South as a young woman. There, she discovered a certain television show, and started dressing like one of the characters.

This culture clash has left Yu-Ri highly defensive and quick to anger. While her physical strength has been helpful, it has also left her sarcastic and solitary. Surely there's a softer side somewhere under Yu-Ri's tough exterior.

Not much is known about Chuck, the leader of the Devils. He was once a criminal mastermind, until one fateful heist went wrong and forced him to hide in the shadows.

Unable to commit any more crimes himself, Chuck formed the thieving trio of Candace, Lily, and Yu-Ri under the guise of a modeling agency. Despite his help and knowledge, Chuck's misfit minions usually don't achieve the same success that he did.