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  Episode Guide: Part One

1: A Deal with the Devil

Lily, Yu-Ri, and Candace meet while applying to a modeling agency. However, they learn it's really a front for a thievery ring formed by the shadowy Chuck.

While initially reluctant, the three social outcasts eventually decide to join Chuck's Devils.

2: Night at the Museum

Chuck's misfit minions get their first job: Sneak into a museum and steal a valuable vase.

Their inexperience and different opinions on how to proceed land the Devils into some trouble. They'll have to work together to complete the mission.

3: Crazy Rich Agents

The Devils pose as rich socialites when they crash a party hosted by millionaire William Banks. Can they escape the mansion with his prized possession?

Also, Lily starts decorating their headquarters to make it feel more like a home.

4: Decent Proposal

Lily is shocked to learn their next target is a necklace worn by her favorite actress, Destiny.

The movie star's martial arts training foils their plans, but Destiny decides to give them the jewelry in exchange for a date with her superfan.

5: A Date with Destiny

Lily meets Destiny for their date while Candace and Yu-Ri tag along for support. As it turns out, the backup wasn't necessary.

Lily forms a love connection with her kindhearted idol. Sadly, their bond is suddenly broken by a connection of a different sort.

6: The Chinese Conundrum

Having had little success at theivery, the Devils switch gears and attempt a different kind of crime... kidnapping?!

They plan to capture and collect a ransom on Ming-Na, an heiress who might not be the spoiled little rich girl she appears to be.

7: Street Fighter Too

Ming-Na easily escapes from Lily and Candace, but Yu-Ri puts up a better fight. Yu-Ri gains the upper hand... until Candace butts in.

Yu-Ri regrets losing her temper, but Lily is able to console her. This act of kindness triggers a memory from Yu-Ri's past.

8: Second Shot at Love

Lily spots Destiny and begs for forgiveness. After pleading her case, the two kiss and make up.

At Chuck's Devils HQ, Destiny learns about Lily's profession and living conditions. She gives Lily the chance to live with her and leave her life of crime behind.

9: Chuck's Next Top Model

Candace and Yu-Ri interview potential replacements for Lily. After rejecting a few applicants, they pick a new third member.

Meanwhile, Lily and Destiny find out they may not be so compatible after all. They break up again, and Lily rejoins the Devils.

10: East vs. West

Yu-Ri talks to Lily about her hugging habit, and cautions her against getting too friendly.

Afterwards, Candace is appalled by Yu-Ri's decorating decision. A civil war nearly erupts until they realize their argument is the result of a misunderstanding.

11: Enter the Faketrix

Chuck asks the Devils to hack into a bank. Tech-savvy Candace is excited to lead the others on an epic hacking adventure.

Lily and Yu-Ri discover that the virtual world can be just as dangerous as reality, but Candace is The One who can save them.

12: Best Friends Forever

The Devils' luck finally runs out when they are arrested by the LAPD's newest officer, Destiny.

After sharing their feelings for each other, Destiny takes pity on the troubled thieves and releases them. The three former strangers then memorialize their friendship.